Homeowner Hacks for Holiday Entertaining

table setting for holiday entertaining

Getting your home ready for the holidays can feel overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right planning, you can host a holiday party to remember. Whether your home is designed to accommodate a crowd or a small gathering, we’ve put together a few tips every homeowner should know to make holiday entertaining a breeze.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen is the command center where the magic happens. When you’re spending a solid amount of time in the kitchen, be sure use every square foot to your advantage. Use your kitchen island to meal prep as much as possible before your guests arrive. Fire up your double ovens to efficiently roast a turkey or bake desserts to feed a crowd. Leading up the party, you can keep alcohol and groceries out of the way in your walk-in pantry.

The At-Home Bar

Get your at-home bar area ready by staging glassware, alcohol, fresh ice, and garnishes a few hours before your party. Your custom bar is a great place for people to enjoy a cocktail or two before the meal is ready – and it decongests the kitchen!Chill a few bottles of wine in your built-in wine fridge. Stock the fridge with beers, juices, and other drinks your guests will enjoy.

The Dining Room

You’ll want to make sure your dining area – whether it’s a formal dining room or part of your open concept floor plan – is conducive for entertaining. Move any furniture aside that interferes with the traffic and flow of the room. Create overflow seating with additional tables and chairs in a nearby room. Decorate the table with serving dishes, plates, drinkware, silverware, napkins, and holiday-inspired decorations for a festive touch.

General Hosting Tips

Deep clean your home ahead of time. This way you’ll only have minor touchups to take care of come party time. Delegate easy cleaning tasks like sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting to your kids. Don’t forget to wash the bedding in guest bedrooms so they’re fresh for company. Lastly, adorn your wooden stair railing with holiday lights or garland to make a warm and welcoming statement as your guests arrive.

Getting Started

Whether you’re hosting a big family gathering or an intimate cocktail party, use these tips to become a holiday entertaining expert. If your kitchen is too small or you’re dreaming of an open concept floor plan, build a custom home with a premier home builder like Wobig Construction. With our home remodeling services, we can renovate the layout of your current house to create a space that’s perfect for holiday (and all-year) entertaining.