My Roof Has Storm Damage…What Should I Do?

Roof with missing shingles and storm damage

A reliable roof is absolutely essential for protecting both the structure of your house and everyone inside. When a storm rolls through and you suspect your roof has storm damage, it might be overwhelming to know what to do first. We recommend looking for storm damage from the ground and then calling a professional roofing company or roofing contractor to assess your situation. If you see a fallen tree on your roof, do not try to remove it on your own. If you suspect structural damage, its best to stay off the roof altogether. Professionals have the proper expertise and equipment to safely handle repairing or replacing your roof, as well as removing any debris left behind from Mother Nature’s wake.

Signs Your Roof Might Have Storm Damage

  • Missing shingles (from strong winds)
  • Dented shingles, siding, or gutters (from hail)
  • Damaged pipes and metal pieces
  • Water leaking inside your home from the ceiling
  • Fallen trees or branches on your roof

It’s very important that you stay safe and do not climb on your roof or try to handle the damage on your own. Please call a professional roofing contractor, like Wobig Construction, who can safely evaluate the condition of your roof. Not only is a roofing contractor able to inspect your roof, but they can also check for structural damage to your home.

Here at Wobig Construction, our team offers a variety of roofing services from residential to commercial to industrial and more. Our specially-trained team members are GAF certified to assist our customers who may have roof damage from a severe storm.

As leaders in the roofing industry, we are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship for our customers. Contact the Wobig Construction roofing experts today to schedule your free consultation.